Benefits of Cold Therapy on Skin

Have you been battling acne on your skin for years? If so, the battle may be able to be won with the help of a cold therapy laser device. A device like this can be available at your dermatologist or in a spa near you. Many people don’t know the effects of cold therapy on skin, so here are a few things you can look forward to after treatment.

Smooths the Skin

Icing the skin tightens pores and shrinks them by unclogging pores in the skin that have debris and oils trapped in them. It also has a toning effect on the face, so that it looks smoother and more youthful.

Primes Your Pores

cold therapy laser device

Using ice on the skin can make applying makeup easier and your foundation will look flawless – better than it ever has before. Enlarged pores can make makeup look uneven, so cold therapy helps to minimize enlarged pores which effectively primes them.

Improves Circulation

Ice has always been believed to help circulation improve. It constricts blood vessels in the body and restricts the amount of blood that reaches the surface of your skin, reducing swelling and inflammation.

Controls Blemishes

Applying cold to the skin reduces swelling, redness caused by pimples, and soothes irritation on skin. Cold therapy can reduce the number of blemishes on your face and make the ones that do appear on the skin smaller. It also helps the pores absorb antibiotics and antibacterial solutions by reducing the swelling and inflammation in pores, unclogging them.

The blemishes on your face can be highly reduced with cold therapy. By reducing the inflammation in your skin, you can feel more confident in your looks and see a reduction in the amount of blemishes and acne you experience as you move forward.