How Medical Imaging Helps Protect Against Common Cancers

What are the deadliest cancers? The top five deadliest cancers, according to the Cancer Research Foundation, are:

·    Lung Cancer: 155,870 annual deaths

·    Colorectal Cancer: 50,260 annual deaths

·    Pancreas: 43,090 annual deaths

·    Breast Cancer: 41,070 annual deaths

·    Liver Cancer: 28,920 annual deaths

The good news is that there is a high survival rate for prostate and breast cancer. But, it requires fast testing and diagnosis of the cancer to get this high survival rate. People who use advanced imaging toms river nj have the best odds of survival against these types of cancers.

Medical imaging is a tool that allows doctors to detect, diagnose, track, monitor, and determine a treatment plan for any of the above types of cancer. There are several different forms of medical imagining, and each plays a critical role to specific types of cancer.

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An X-ray, for example, helps a doctor detect cancer in numerous body structures such as the lungs, kidneys, and the bones.  X-rays provide quick results, are less expensive and include a variety of specialty tests.  An ultrasound is a type of imaging that works for fluid-filled cysts and tumors that an X-Ray cannot detect. A CT Scan is clearer than an X-ray. It is used to help identify masses and tumors.  An MRI is used commonly in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

If a doctor ordered medical imaging due to a threat of cancer, rest assured it is to protect your health and best interests. Do not panic, but be relieved that you are going to get the best possible care for the cancer if you are diagnosed. Medical imaging is not painful and is designed to protect your life. Make sure you follow all the care instructions provided by your doctor and enjoy a healthy life!